Group Talks & Courses

We specialise in delivering engaging and informative nutrition sessions to your workplace, school or group. We talk to adults, children and teenagers about all areas of nutrition and work with big companies, small businesses, government bodies, schools and community groups. We have a list of our most popular sessions below, but we can also tailor-make any topic that you need. We have a team of qualified dietitians who are all interesting and enjoyable speakers to help bring nutrition to life for you and your group.

Our talks are usually one hour long, are highly informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Some of our most popular sessions are listed below.

One hour Nutrition Sessions

Eating for Health

This is one of our most popular talks and looks at the nutrition you need to stay healthy and well. We look at basic nutrition as a foundation for managing weight and avoiding disease. We will clear up many myths about food and nutrition and help you to feel confident about the food choices you make. This is a fun, light-hearted and highly informative look at how to eat well, be healthy and enjoy your food

Eating for a Healthy Heart

What can you do to reduce your risk of heart disease? We look at everything from cholesterol to blood pressure to managing a healthy weight in this practical and informative seminar.  Learn about foods to add in and those to limit as well as what you really need to know about saturated fat and salt.  With plenty of time for questions and discussion, this is a great seminar for people thinking about heart health at any age.

Eating for Immunity

Tired of coughs, colds and flu’s? This presentation takes a look at the foods, supplements and herbs that can help keep colds at bay and help you get though the winter sniffle-free. Take a look at some of the lifestyle changes that can make all the difference to your immunity and look at some of the key foods to include – and what to avoid! Did you know that almost 80% of your immunity starts with your gut? Learn how to keep your own bacteria healthy and working for you as well as what to eat to keep you healthier all year ’round.

Food Allergies & Intolerance

Do you suffer from bloating and IBS? Find you react to certain foods? Suffer from Migraine? Then you may already be cutting out certain foods to help find a cure. This presentation looks at the whole topic of food intolerances. We look at the most common intolerances, including dairy and wheat, how to spot intolerances as well as the best tests to choose when you want to get some definite results. We also look at the many myths around food intolerances; the unreliable tests that are out there and how many of the conditions often associated with food intolerance can actually have other causes. We take a look at some of the conditions most commonly associated with food allergies and give tips on how other dietary changes might help.

Nutrition Myths: Getting the Facts

There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to nutrition.  This seminar will take you through all of the common nutrition myths, separating fact from fiction when it comes to your food.  Does dairy cause cancer? Is sugar really toxic? Should we all take a probiotic? What do we really need for a healthy diet?  This is a great session for discussion and interaction with lots of practical advice and sensible informaition about eating for health.

Child Nutrition and Fussy Eating

Getting children on the right track for nutrition can be tough.  Add in a fussy eater and stress levels can really climb.  This seminar will take you through the key nutrients children are missing and how to find them.  We also look at how to manage and overcome fussy eating with practical advice and tips.  We look at the senosry aspects of food as well as the taste and talk you through some tried and tested tips for anyone struggling with a fussy eater.

Healthy Gut Healthy Body

There is no doubt that our gut – and its bacteria – play an important role in our health. This seminar takes a whole body appraoch to a health gut. From the key foods and nutrients to the healthy habits you need for a well-functioning gut.  We also look at what to do when things go wrong as well as common food intolerances that can affect gut health.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Weight

When it comes to weight, most of us only look at the food we eat. What we eat – and how much we eat – is certainly important but did you know that how you eat has as big an impact on your weight as anything else? This presentation takes a lively look at the habits that can make or break your weight. Learn the top 10 habits you need to be a healthy weight. Learn how to lose weight and how to keep it off. Get off the diet treadmill and learn the habits that can help you get to and stay at your ideal weight

Eating to Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer affects up to 50% of us at some point in our lives.  Experts agree that up to 60% of cancers can be lifestyle related and food is a big part of that.  This seminar looks at which foods and nutrients reduce our risk of cancer as well as looking at some of the foods to limit.  This is a very practical seminar and is science-based – no scaremongering or lists of banned foods.  This is a great session for anyone worried about cancer and looking for ways to help reduce their risk.

Stress, Nutrition and How to Manage

Stress can affect anyone and can leave us feeling tired and run down. Good eating habits can fall by the wayside and we can find ourselves feeling tired and lacking in energy. Stress can also lead to weight gain as we look to unhealthy snacks for an energy boost. Learn how to manage stress by looking at what you eat. Learn how to avoid common problems linked to stress such as indigestion and how to keep weight healthy during stressful times. Find out what supplements can help and when and how to use them. Help to boost energy levels and keep your immune system in good shape.

Manage Your Mood with Food

As we become more aware of the role of nutrition in health, we are learning more about how food not just affects us physically, but how it can affect our mood. Manage Your Mood with Food looks at ways of using food to help keep us feeling our best. Get tips on how to eat to manage stress, look at some of the latest results on research into food and problems like depression and learn how to boost your focus and concentration with the right foods. A basic overview of what the body needs is given with sections dealing with specific issues related to managing stress and mood.


Workplace Wellness

Talks on nutrition are ever-popular in the workplace but we can add life to your workplace wellness with a range of services from one-to-one sessions for staff to group weight management programmes. Below is a list of our services. Contact us to have a Wellness Programme tailor-made for your workplace.

For more information on booking a group talk, please contact Sarah on 087 2805244 or at

On site one-to-one dietetic clinics

Group Weight Management programmes

Onsite interactive workshops 8, presentations

Workplace Health & Wellness initiatives

Nutrition education material Nutrition information stands Nutrition policy development Health promotion programmes School health initiatives School staff education

Health screening (body composition. diabetes. cholesterol, blood pressure)

Intranet presentations

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“I really enjoyed this presentation. Very interesting & motivating. Will definitely be making changes”

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