High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure is a common problem in Ireland with over 50% of adults over 45 thought to be affected.  High blood pressure can be a risk factor for heart disease and stroke so it is important to have your blood pressure regularly checked as many people have high blood pressure without realising it.

If you are overweight (link to are you a healthy weight page), do very little exercise or have an unhealthy diet, you are more likely to have high blood pressure.  Losing weight (link to weight management for adults page) and following a diet designed to help lower blood pressure can help.  It can help to lower cholesterol too.

We work with people to help them to get to the healthy weight they need to lower their blood pressure.  We work to help reduce the foods that impact blood pressure and teach you about the foods you need to help bring blood pressure down.  Changing your weight and learning about foods that affect blood pressure will help you to get your blood pressure under control.

What exactly is high blood pressure?

Your heart is basically a pump that moves blood around your body.  As long as your body is healthy, this happens normally and without any problems.  However, in some people, their heart finds it difficult to move their blood around and it has to work harder to force blood through their veins and arteries.  Increasing the amount of force the heart uses to push blood means the blood is under more pressure.  Your doctor can measure your level of blood pressure by listening to how hard your heart is working.

What is a healthy level of blood pressure?  Healthy blood pressure is 120/80.  Blood pressure that is more than 140/90 is considered to be high.

What can cause high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can be caused by lots of different things. Being overweight (link to are you a healthy weight page) is one cause of high blood pressure.  Lack of exercise and. eating too much sodium from salt can affect blood pressure as well as too much alcohol.

What can I do keep blood pressure healthy?

Getting to a healthy weight is really important.  Reducing salt and alcohol also help and you can balance your diet to include more blood pressure lowering foods.

What can I do keep blood pressure healthy?

First, get your blood pressure checked! If you are over 30, doctors recommend that you have your blood pressure checked every 2-3 years. And remember to take any medicines that your doctor prescribes.  Keeping blood pressure healthy helps to keep you healthy.

Then talk to your dietitian to assess your weight and your diet and to see what you can do to keep your blood pressure healthy.

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